Steps To Follow To Remove Dado Rails Using Molding Bar


Are you planning for the removal of the dado rails as they are not fitting the area of the house? In that case, you can choose to do it using the molding bar. You can get the dado rail removed and then use the new piece in its place.

But before you initiate the removal process you must have an idea as to how to remove a dado rail. There are some basic things that you will have to arrange before initiating the process.

Equipment To Arrange

You need to arrange some of the basic equipment that is a must for the removal of the dado rails. You can easily get them from online or offline stores at a specific rate.

  • Claw hammer
  • Utility Knife
  • Thin bladed tool
  • A marker pen

How To Remove Dado Rails?

By following some of the common steps you can achieve the results of the removal of the rails from the affected area. Let’s have a look at some common steps:

1.      Cut Caulk

With the help of the utility knife, you can score the dado rails on the top and bottom edge as per the requirement. Here the thing that you need to consider is to cut the caulk and paint it in a manner such that the tearing of the wallpaper can be avoided at the time of the dado rail removal.

 In this step, you can score the joint between the dado rail and mitered corners and end the butt against the door or the windows so that damage can be avoided.

2.      Separate Rail From Wall

At the initial stage, you need to insert the blade of the putty under the bottom edge of the rail and gently pull in backward directly by pulling the handle in your direction. If the situation demands then you can tap the handle properly with the help of a hammer. The main aim is for the creation of a gap between the dado rail and wall that is wide for the fitting of the molding bar straight claw.

3.      Insert Claw

Insert the straight claw of the molding beneath the bottom of the dado rail. Now you can tap the opposite heal of the bar gently with the hamper if the situation demands. Now you can remove the putty knife that finally takes the molding bar to the right place. It is a crucial step that will help in the removal.

4.      Apply Force To The Bar

Now the time is to put the shaft of the bar in the upward direction and also backward towards you. Here the idea about the force is a must option for the lifting of the boards and also know what amount can damage the complete lifting time. If any noises are coming then it is a sign of concern and you need to look properly.

5.      Remove Dado Rails

Now it’s time to repeat the 2 and 4 steps and then remove the dado rails using your hands. If you notice the strong attachment then just inset the claw of the molding bar beneath the bottom edge of the dado rails and pulls the shaft.

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