Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Tips for Redesigning Your Bedroom



For some reason, people often find it daunting to redesign their bedrooms. However, it is not that difficult in reality. With the right tips, you can easily redesign your bedroom in a way that suits your preferences.  Your bedroom needs to be a place where you can have a relaxing retreat whenever you want. Therefore, with that in mind, Mark Roomer Oakland shares some tips to redesign your bedroom.

Tips & Tricks

These are some tips to redesign your bedroom:

Switch it Up

You can always change the layout of your bedroom whenever you prefer. It does not require additional equipment and is free. With little energy and time, you can modify your space and give it a new look by just changing the location of your items and furniture.

While moving your items around, be sure to omit some unnecessary objects you don’t need anymore. Getting rid of the clutter will not only clean the space but also make it more comfortable. Just changing the location of your bed can make a difference in making a new orientation of your room.

Change your Bedding and Pillows

Since the bed is the focal point in your bedroom, you can change the duvet or your throw pillows. In fact, it can be one of the best small changes you can make. Choosing the color of bedding that is different from your current one can make a great impact. Actually, white bedding is tired and all-time favorite. It works in all seasons and can be layered easily with a comfortable wool blanket.


Lighting is one of the most vital elements in any room. However, it is particularly important when you are thinking of making a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. For instance, just look at your bedside lamps. It can be even as simple as switching your existing shades or you can even swap your lamps for unique wall-mounted sconces.


Another way you can redesign your bedroom is by changing the paint. Paint is undoubtedly a low-cost and important thing you consider when you think about giving your space a new look. For instance, a moody wall can certainly give the room a sophisticated richness. You should consider selecting a paint color that suits your needs and brings focus to your room.

You can even purchase some new hardware to go along with the new paint.

Focus on your Floor

Similar to changing your duvet, changing or adding a rug can have a great impact. Moreover, it is an excellent place to get creative with designs and patterns. With a rug, you will wake up to a soft feeling under your feet. You can either add an eye-catching kilim or a thick shag. Rugs are an incredible way of pulling a room together and there is no need to be afraid when you are layering a few to give the space a relaxed and collected feel.


Overall, these are some tips shared by Mark Roemer Oakland that you can consider to redesign your bedroom. They will help you change the look of your bedroom and make it more pleasant.

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