How To Use Ketchup to Clean Metal Surfaces (And Other Useful Cleaning Hacks)



Cleaning stubborn stains and dirt can be a really tiring and annoying chore. Fortunately, there are professionals who can make that job easier for you. You can search for “home cleaning services near me” and outsource those chores to professionals. On the other hand, if you’re up for the challenge, here are some easy cleaning hacks you can follow. From ketchup to table salt, you can use everything available to you.

The Hacks

  1. Ketchup for metal surfaces – Ketchup makes boring fries taste bearable and can also be used to add some zing to other bland condiments. However, most people don’t know that this condiment is great at cleaning metal surfaces. In this case, spilling ketchup is a good thing. You can use ketchup to clean tarnished copper and brass cookware in your kitchen.

That’s because ketchup contains table salt and weak acid that work together to remove the layer of copper oxide. The same holds true for tarnished stainless-steel countertops and utensils in the kitchen. Let the ketchup sit on the tarnished surface for as long as you want and follow it up with a wipe and rinse.

You can also use ketchup to clean stubborn rust from your cast iron skillets, pans, and pots. Just let the ketchup sit on the rust spots, rinse and wipe. The same method can be used for cleaning your tarnished silver cutlery and for cleaning burnt food buildup inside the oven. Ketchup is such a powerful cleaning tool that you can even use it to clean your gardening tools and even shine your car with it.

  1. Newspapers for cleaning glass – While newspapers are slowly becoming a thing of the past, most suburban families still have subscriptions. Instead of recycling your old newspapers for pennies, you can keep them aside for cleaning glass surfaces in your home. When you use old newspapers for cleaning mirrors and windows, you can do so without leaving ugly streaks. Newspapers are much better at this job than paper towels and fabric pieces.

Old newspapers don’t leave any fiber residue on the glass that causes streak marks. You can apply your regular glass cleaning solution to old newspapers and clean away any mess from glass surfaces with a few wipes. Moreover, you can also line garbage bins at your home with newspapers to absorb the nasty odor. Just line the bins with newspapers and then put the garbage sleeve over them.

  1. Kill bacteria with the microwave oven – You clean kitchens and various parts of your home with fabric pieces and sponges. That means they come in constant contact with a lot of germs., bacteria, and other harmful microbes. The usual way of cleaning sponges and clothes is to let them soak in detergent water and spin them in the washer once a month.

However, stubborn microbes that are experts at spreading diseases can sit patiently inside the fibers and gaps of sponges and cloth pieces for a long time. To completely disinfect and kill bacteria and microbes inside them, you need to put the sponges and fabric pieces inside the microwave and spin them for a minute or two at a moderate setting. The microwave can get them super-hot without burning them. This way the bacteria is killed, and you don’t have to deal with those nasty sponges.

  1. Use lemons – Cleanliness isn’t just about the sight or killing bacteria at the microscopic level. It also includes the sense of sight. A room needs to smell good in order for it to be perceived as clean. You can do that with lemons. Lemons can add that extra bit of freshness and zesty fragrance all over your home. You can use it for deodorizing furniture, dishes, and more such surfaces. Moreover, lemons are also great at cleaning stubborn stains from your dishes and cookware.

However, you should keep lemons away from certain surfaces. Its acidic content may ruin the stain on wood furniture and the finish on brushed aluminum surfaces. To add lemony freshness to your home, you can squeeze one or more into cleaning solutions and water before mopping the floor or wiping surfaces. You can even apply it directly.

  1. Use coffee grounds – Coffee grounds are also excellent at deodorizing your home. They are natural, eco-friendly, and serve numerous purposes. You can get rid of nasty odors in the fridge, oven, and kitchen cabinets by adding coffee grounds in a bowl and putting it in those places. Make sure to replace the grounds every few weeks to maintain that effect.

Apart from absorbing nasty smells, those grounds also spread a pleasant earthy smell everywhere they are used. You can even boil used coffee grounds to freshen up the entire kitchen and get rid of strong fish and meat odors. You can also directly rub coffee grounds on your hands and the cutting board for getting rid of the strong smell of onions and garlic.

  1. Salt – Apart from ketchup, salt is also an omnipotent product for all kinds of cleaning. You can simply pour a highly concentrated hot salt solution down the kitchen sink to cut down grease and freshen up the drain. You can also mix soda and salt to clean your cast iron skillets and the interior surface of your refrigerator.

Baking casseroles can mess up the oven. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the spills while they are hot. After they form a crust and cool down, you can simply wipe them away with ease. You can also get rid of sweat stains from your clothes and sheets by soaking them in a solution of hot water and salt.


Cleaning is a tiring chore. Even with all those cleaning hacks, it isn’t an easy job. You need to spend some time and effort to implement those hacks. Instead, you can take the easy route and search for “home cleaning services near me” to hire professionals for those jobs.

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