Common Signs That You Require A Hot Water Tank Repair!


It’s always a huge bummer when you’re noticing issues going on with your home’s water heater, but knowing when the right time to get a hot water tank repair is can be a lot easier said than done!

The best thing a homeowner can do when it comes to recognizing the warning signs associated with water heater repairs is to simply know what to be on the lookout for, so we’ve teamed up with the Beehive Plumbing experts to develop this warning sign list oriented around hot water tank repairs.

So keep the following red flags in mind when you think something might be up with your home’s water heater:

You Aren’t Getting Any Hot Water

This is likely the most obvious warning sign that it’s time to get your water heater checked out, because heating up your home’s water supply is after all this appliance’s job!

So if you turn on any of your faucets and no hot water comes out, then you can clearly know that something is malfunctioning within your water heating system. It’s also important to know that rapidly fluctuating water temperature is another common warning sign associated with water heater repairs.

So if your shower starts hot but quickly turns cold, it’s a sign that you’re going to need to call your plumbing team and get things checked out.

Leaks Coming From Your Water Heater

If you notice any type of leaks coming from your water heater, then you’re definitely going to need to get a repair done. You can sometimes do these types of leak inspection on your own, and sometimes it might be better off to leave these inspections in professional hands.

But you should know that neglecting a water heater leak can very quickly ruin your entire tank and system, which is why it’s something that should be addressed immediately.

Discoloration In Your Home’s Water Supply

If your water looks rusty or brownish in any way, it’s a clear warning sign that something is wrong within your water heater or your pipes. A lot of times this scenario is due to water heater corrosion and rusting.

Abnormally Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is often overlooked, until it becomes a problem. When your home’s plumbing system is experiencing lower water pressure issues, it could potentially be sourced back to your water heater.

This is largely because mineral deposits and sediment buildup can clog up your water heater’s heating element and create a disruption within your exchange lines.

You’re Hearing Abnormal Sounds Coming From Your Water Heater

This is another rather common issue that occurs with malfunctioning water heaters, and it’s something that should never be ignored. If you hear any kind of strange sounds coming from your water heater that doesn’t sound like normal, then it’s a sign that you should get professional assistance.

These abnormal sounds include cracking, popping and banging sounds coming from your water heater tank.

Your Unit Isn’t Draining Properly

There are also some scenarios in which your water heater’s drain valve isn’t functioning properly, which can be due to sediment buildup and all sorts of other buildup creating a clog within the valve. This is a very serious scenario because it can potentially lead to damages that are hard to repair if neglected for too long.

Reach Out To Your Local Plumbing Experts To Learn More About Hot Water Tank Repair Warning Signs!

There’s a lot that people need to be on the lookout for when it comes to the integrity of their water heating systems, and you should always take the above warning signs very seriously. However, there are many other warning signs that aren’t indicated above, and this is why it’s so important to keep in touch with your local plumbers when you suspect something is up with your water heater!

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